My passion and hobby was to always be Frugal. In the early years of our marriage it took a while to get Hubby on board with the plan. Once he was on board we got all of our debts paid off and never went back. If we did not have cash in the bank to cover an expense we did not buy it. Simple as that. This allowed is to pay for the sudden unexpected trips to places like Durham to get treatment for my CSF Leaks. You'll have a lot less stress and better health in your life when you and yours are debt free.

If you are just starting your Frugal journey start with Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps .

These were my favorite Frugal Sites:

A few if the Frugal books from my Library:

The Frugal Senior: Hundreds of Creative Ways to Stretch a Dollar! by Rich Gray.

Car Secrets Revealed: Tips on Car Buying, Leasing, Repairs, Insurance, and More by Corey Rudl.

Thrifting into a Debt-Free, Carefree Lifestyle by Marguerite Hartt.

Here is an example of my frugality. Long ago a holistic Vet recommended we give Missing Link to Diamond. I learned that the formula for horses was the same thing, with a bit more alfalfa yet far cheaper per ounce than the dog formula. So the dogs, Hubby and I all took the horse stuff. We mixed ours with juice and put the dogs on their food at feeding time, twice a day.

Missing Link 10-Pound Equine Skin and Coat Formula for Horses.

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