This is the short version of My Story:

In 1989 I was in a car accident. I hit the left side of my head on the door jamb and got a sideways whiplash.

Many days later I had a concussion. Soon thereafter I started getting excruciating headaches anytime that I was not laying down.

After 35 doctors not knowing what was causing this excruciating headache I gave up on doctors. I then spent the next 20+ years studying medical texts learning all I could about the spine and the brain.

In 2012 I finally learned what I had was a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak, which set us on a path to get it treated.

The research into CSF Leaks is only about ten years old. I had the headache for 23 years! My body rejected the treatment.

In the end I hung myself to stop the pain.

Low CSF pressure causes pseudo Chiari, as shown in the drawing. Things are getting yanked on that were never meant to be yanked on! This causes the excruciating headache.

This is not the end of My Story, with your help, My Story has just begun…

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